Civilization: AKA Psalms

“Civilization: AKA Psalms”

Acrylic on canvas

26 3/4 “ X 26”

Matted and framed original work.


The artwork for sale at our Golden Gala Gallery is being DONATED in it’s entirety to Dance Alive, prices to be determined by the artist.

All checks and CC made out to Dance Alive National Ballet.


Artist Statement:  Colleen S.W. Rand

       My paintings are usually highly detailed. Whether my subject is a photorealistic rendition or a graphic design fantasy, I try to draw the observer into my images as if they were part of a story the observer is asked to complete. Many paintings have an atmosphere of serenity, curiosity or humor.

      Most of my paintings are acrylic, but I also use oils, graphite, and gouache. They take several months to complete.  Whether working from life, imagination, or photos, I prefer to create paintings with a sharp, hard edge, quality.

   I am a self-taught Gainesville artist.  Prints of my painting “The Music Room” can be seen in many homes in Gainesville. My art work has appeared on magazine covers, on book jackets, and on program covers. Locally, I have had shows at the Gainesville Airport, Hippodrome Theater, and Unitarian Church, with paintings also exhibited in juried shows at Santa Fe College, the Thomas Center and Gainesville Fine Arts Association venues, receiving many awards.

 I have collaborated with my daughter,Betseygail Rand, on two picture books: Big Bunny (Tricyle Press/Random House, 2011;, and “My Mother’s Daughter” (available on Amazon; must use quotes).

     The WEB site with images of my paintings is: