Jessie Dominguez


Jessie Dominguez Reyes

Principal dancer of the National Ballet of Cuba

Beginning her studies at the Elementary School of Ballet Alejo Carpentier

Havana in 1993, continuing at the National School of

Ballet, earning numerous awards which include: medal

Silver (1998), silver medal (1999), bronze (2000), in

Tenders of International Meetings of Ballet Academies for

Teaching Ballet held in Havana Cuba


In her academic training they have contributed outstanding teachers including

Daysi Marin teachers, Raquel Aguero, Silvia Rodriguez, Marta Bosch and

Marta Iris Fernandez.


She graduated in the year 2001 in The National Ballet School and Graduate

Distinguished and becomes part of the cast of the National Ballet of Cuba,

under the artistic and technical direction of the raw absolute ballerina Alicia

Alonso, founder and first figure of the same. With BNC, she has acted in

the most important stages in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa,

Australia, Canada and the United States.


Her repertoire included as a principal dancer featured roles in works of

the great romantic-classical tradition, and relevant contemporary works by Cuban artists.

 It is considered one of the most valuable exponents of the new generation

dancers formed within the artistic principles and technicians

of the world-renowned Cuban School of Ballet.