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Dance Alive National Ballet to Perform at International Festival

Prestigious international ballet event in Havana has worldwide audience

Dance Alive National Ballet, an internationally-recognized ballet company, has been invited to perform at the International Ballet Festival of Havana that occurs once every two years. The Festival, held from October 26 to November 5th, is one of the few festivals in the world dedicated exclusively to ballet. Organized by Cuba’s National Ballet, the event draws ballet dancers, choreographers and companies from all over the globe.

Dance Alive National Ballet has made a name for itself touring widely in Florida, the U.S., and internationally. The company has been critically acclaimed for its exquisite combination of techniques in the tradition of the Bolshoi, the spirit of jazz, and the sensuality of modern dance.

Lee May, Executive Director of Dance Alive National Ballet said; “We are thrilled and honored to be one of a handful of prestigious ballet companies in the world extended this invitation to showcase the outstanding talent of our professional dancers.” May added, “To celebrate, we are inviting the community to join us on this amazing trip to Cuba.”

Dance Alive has arranged A Taste of Cuba tour package that leaves for Havana on October 28th and return on November 4th. In additional to attending Festival performances with Dance Alive, activities include a walking tour of Old Havana, visiting with local artists and travel to the Vinales Valley with a stop at a local tobacco farm and learn about the way of life on a farm in rural Cuba.

Special thanks to Organizers, Randy Batista and Jessie Dominguez.

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