“You will admire the exquisite combination of techniques…the tradition of the Bolshoi, the spirit of jazz, and the sensuality of modern dance in a first-class spectacle.”
La Nacion, Costa Rica

“This dance company possesses the rare chemistry that not only produces a high quality performance but a general feeling of aesthetic satisfaction. Dance Alive National Ballet is certainly worthy of the auspicious appellation of the best dance.”
E. Ann Cisney, Livingston Life

“DANCE is not only ALIVE – it is exciting, beautiful, vibrant – and very much Americanized. As Russia has the Bolshoi, England the Royal Ballet, France the “comic Opera” – so America has “Dance Alive National Ballet.”
Albany Herald, Albany, GA.

“Dance Alive National Ballet has made a name for itself touring widely in the Southeast. This lean, muscular company blasted its way onstage Friday and never allowed a lapse.”
Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, FL.

“A small but superb company, Dance Alive National Ballet runs on a tight budget but has two priceless assets: Artistic Director Kim Tuttle and Choreographer in Residence Judy Skinner.”
Steve Milberg, Southern Living

“Dance Alive National Ballet is a touring group from Gainesville, FL . whose members seem to have been chosen for their pure exuberance on stage. In a performance here at Rollins College (Orlando, FL.), their dancing was full of high-flung extensions, leaps that soared skyward, superbly held balances and daredevil lifts. Moreover, the company’s soloists shimmered with a radiant energy that captivates the eye.”
Diane Hubbard Burns, Orlando Sentinel

“Dracula, the ballet, an original work conceived and choreographed primarily by Kim Tuttle for Dance Alive National Ballet, is an exciting combination of dance, music, narration, and setting which transforms a boring novel into a vivid, multi-sensory experience. Ms. Tuttle has long since transcended mere prettiness, and characters which might be nothing but filler in other works are so well conceived and dancer that they enrich the ballet.”
“Dance Alive National Ballet, a uniquely talented group of Gainesville performing artists created and evening of sensual and intellectual pleasure for a delightful and appreciative audience. Apollo …was a jewel. It was brilliantly danced by Tak Kwan Chu as Apollo.”
Diana Mumbauer, Dancer Magazine

“A magnificent troupe of dancers. The audience was with them all the way. Words such as ‘dynamic’, ‘energetic’, ‘supremely talented’, topped with ‘great showmanship’ and ‘humor’ were heard from the patrons. The cast performed with feeling; combining facial expressions with their dances.”
The Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Washington, D.C.

“The performance was superb! The Balanchine choreography on Apollo was elegant and exquisite. Both Apollo and Rite of Spring were breathtaking. The audience…was very appreciative and enthusiastic, as the extended ovation at the end of the ‘Rite of Spring’ reflected. So thanks for making it a memorable evening for us all!”
Augusta College, Augusta Georgia

“They are beautiful young people, technically exceptional and committed to the best dance, fluid and electric. Our community is made up of many people who have traveled and lived throughout the world, used to seeing the best. They loved Dance Alive National Ballet! Of course, we want them again.”
Chairman, Tryon Dance Guild, North Carolina

“Their program was varied, exciting and very professionally done. The audience was very enthusiastic and appreciative. I was very impressed with the professional demeanor every performer displayed. I am grateful to have been able to meet and see these superb performers.
Mayville, North Dakota

“Dance Alive National Ballet is a company that exhibits exemplary talent in the development of new artistic works…enabled the community of Jacksonville to reach new aesthetic standards.”
Nathan H. Wilson Performing Arts Center at Florida Community College, Jacksonville, FL.

“In its premiere summer festival program in the Sarasota Opera House, Dance Alive National Ballet showed  each dancer with a distinctive style and personality, perfectly schooled in both ballet and modern techniques. An amusing, rowdy Do-Nothing Bar choreographed by Judy Skinner to Darius Milhaud’s deliberately off-key harmonic settings of Brazilian sambas had lots of verve and acrobacy. The celebrated George Balanchine’s Stars and Stripes was a refreshingly, expertly danced performance, showing off Chu’s tours en l’air and Incollingo’s faultless pirouettes to a delighted audience. The entire company showed to advantage in the final dance,  Country. Tuttle’s choreography, set to a collage of country songs, was fresh and funny. All in all, it was an evening of amazing grace.”
Florence Fisher, Dance Critic, Sarasota, FL.

“This marks the sixth performance by Dance Alive National Ballet, and each time our audience enjoys their versatility and energy…a pleasure having the troupe here, very professional. We plan to have them back again.”
Wynmoor Community Council, Coconut Creek, FL.

“The Wingate College audience responded very positively to the program presented by Dance Alive National Ballet. College students, faculty, staff, children and community guests were all enthusiastic as they commented on the high quality and enjoyable variety of the presentation. The lecture/demonstration for Humanities classes was also well-received.”
The Wingate College, Wingate, North Carolina

“We enjoyed an evening of viewing the body beautiful in motion. The audience was held in rapt attention, and the time slipped by so quickly, that soon, very soon, it was over. WE THE VIEWERS do indeed come away ENRICHED.”
Stanley, North Dakota

“Dance Alive National Ballet provided a wonderful show. Their performance was dynamic and exciting, and the performers were excellent. Technically the show went very well. They were well-prepared and totally professional. We enjoyed working with them all.”
Morehead State University, Morehead, KY.

“Dance Alive National Ballet was a joy to have on our campus. I would recommend them highly for appearances and workshop/demonstrations. The performance was a thing of beauty and truly enjoyed by the audience. Let’s do this again!”
Southern University, Baton rouge, LA.

“Beautiful – audiences raved – both performances sold out!”
Vero Beach, FL.

“The audience was elated, enthusiastic – and people continue to express their pleasure in having seen this company. As one of those present in the theater noted  – ‘not a negative word was said’. They were also fine people to work with. Kim Tuttle was in charge and her spirit of cooperation and professionalism must be an influence on the spirit that reaches over the footlights.”
Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, FL.

“Both shows sold out well in advance of each performance date…professional and easy to work with…highly recommend this group to anyone.”
Lake Sumter Community College, Leesburg, FL.

“I would indeed recommend this attraction. It is gratifying to know that a company of this high quality is available to series like ours, in which expected level of taste is high, but budget is limited.”
Festival of Fine Arts, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL.

“I highly recommend this talented group. Their performance was fantastic and very much ALIVE!”
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL.

“Chicago Bull’s game and a hot romance were on the tube, and the skies were stormy, but Dance Alive National Ballet played to a full house….sheer enjoyment.”
Palm Beach, FL.

“Nutcracker…professionally and beautifully danced. We’ve had many calls to make “Nutcracker” performed by Dance Alive National Ballet an annual event.”
Tennessee Williams Fine Arts Center Founder’s Society, Key West, FL.

“We would ABSOLUTELY recommend Dance Alive National Ballet. The audience was enchanted and declared it the best of the season suggesting Dance Alive come every year. The contrasts in the dances made the whole evening especially appealing.”
Ocala Community Concert Association, Ocala, FL.

“This was the third performance in four years of the Dance Alive National Ballet company on the College’s Cultural series. Each presentation has new and very creative numbers (no repeats) with costumes to match. The one common denominator, even for the novice, was a feeling of excitement and sheer beauty emanating from the company as they truly brought DANCE ALIVE!”
Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL.

“Dance Alive National Ballet, a company new to Sarasota’s audiences, literally sprang onto the Sarasota Opera house stage in a burst of energy that remained undiminished throughout a program embracing both classical and modern dance. Underpinning the springing, leaping choreography Judy Skinner’s opening Estancia, with its exuberantly rhythmic music by Argentine composer Alberto Ginastera is solid classic ballet technique. But this ebullient company is not boxed in by this adherence to the tools of the trade. Each member projects a strongly individual personality. The Don Quixote pas de deux benefited from the snap and precision of Chu’s battements and tours en l’air plus that extra flair of joy and elegance of gesture this dancer brings to his art. Incollingo was irresistible in her pas de bourree and her flirtatious sparkle. Kim Tuttle’s choreography, utilizing Leonard Bernstein’s dramatic, exciting score, caught the essence of Tennessee Williams’ tragic “Streetcar Named Desire.” Heflin’s menacing explosiveness was perfect as the Neanderthal Kowalski. Concluding with the Rite of Spring set to Stravinsky’s cataclysmic music, and danced against a painted backdrop of writhing, elemental forms, the company extracted every once of the sensual, orgiastic choreography Tuttle designed for this riotous dance.”
Florence Fisher, Dance Critic, Sarasota, FL. 

“I was a guest of a resident at Century Village Pembroke Pines and saw the company’s performance on Saturday night 1/7/17. I was totally in awe of your company & the innovative essence of the whole performance. The energy & technique of each one was tremendous.  As a former ballet dancer myself ( I haven’t danced in over 50 years but I still have a dancer’s body & can dance beautifully in my head!! )  Having said that I KNOW DANCE & wanted to tell you that your company is first class & regret that I hadn’t heard of you before. Keep up the good work & I hope I’ll have the opportunity to see those wonderful dancers again soon. Best of luck!”

Pembroke Pines, Florida

“To the people that performed in Dreamscape,  My wife and I saw your performance of Dreamscape last night at Century Village in Pembroke Pines, FL.  I am not the greatest fan of Ballet, but you people changed all that last night. I have never seen a better and more enjoyable performance in my entire life and I am 89 years old.   All of you without exception did a great job. Your dancing and professionalism was without a doubt the best I have seen in a long time.   My wife and I want to thank all of you for a very enjoyable evening, one we will not forget for a long time.  It was a pleasure to see all you perform.”

 Pembroke Pines, Florida


Photo of Reka Gyulai and Rostislav Dzabraev by Ani Collier.