Rostislav Dzabraev

Mr. Dzabraev received his training from the State Classical Ballet Academy in Ufa, Russia, training school of ballet legend Rudolph Nureyev.  He progressed to become an apprentice at the famed Kirov Academy in St. Petersburg.  He performed extensively with the Ufa Ballet and the Saint Petersburg Ballet and has toured throughout Russia, Finland, Canada, North America, Egypt and Bermuda.    He has been recipient of numerous awards at national and international dance competitions including the Second International Festival of Moscow where he was awarded first place, and the Rudolph Nureyev Ballet Competition where he was a finalist.  He is also recipient of the Pearl Krima award.  Mr. Dzabraev taught and performed for the Kingsport Ballet before joining Dance Alive National Ballet as Principal Dancer in 2009.


What I do in my spare time:
Play poker

Favorite movie:
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Doors

Favorite dance role:

Favorite vacation place:
Miami, FL

Why I dance:


Photo: Johnston Photography