Tak Kwan Chu

Mr. Chu was selected for training at the Bejing Ballet School at a very young age.  After completing his training, he joined the Ho Nam China Dance Company.  Mr. Chu then joined the Hong Kong Ballet where he served as principal dancer for seven years.  Leaving China, Mr. Chu became a member of Hartford Ballet, touring widely before joining Dance Alive National Ballet in 1987.  His experiences range from principal roles in full length traditional Chinese ballets to the classical pas de deux and contemporary works such as William Dollar’s Combat.  Mr. Chu’s exceptional technique and brilliance can be seen in Don Quixote, Nutcracker and Swan Lak. His quickness and wonderful sense of humor make him perfect for Balanchine’s Tarantella  and Stars and Stripes and as the “Wise Old Mr. Turtle” in Kim Tuttle’s Ladybug: Action Hero.  He has been featured in Tom Pazik’s Carmina Burana, Kim Tuttle’s Psalms and Tsunami and Judy Skinner’s Incertezza.  Perhaps his finest role is that of “Apollo” in George Balanchine’s masterpiece Apollo. Mr. Chu is a mature accomplished dancer with great presence.  Mr. Chu officially retired as Principal Dancer with Dance Alive National Ballet in March 2010. He will remain in Gainesville and perform frequently as an artist in residence with the company. He is much loved and much respected.

Guangzhou, China

What I do in my spare time:
Play Mahjong

Favorite movie:
Jurassic Park
Turning Point

Favorite dance role:
White Hair Lady’ (Chinese Ballet)  and Balanchine’s ‘Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux’

Favorite vacation place:
Calgary, Canada

Why I dance:
I love to dance and it’s good for my body!