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Dance Alive National Ballet, State Touring Company of Florida, features an international roster of award winning dancers. Elegant and exciting, they are at the heart of the company’s undeniable success.  DANB’s repertoire ranges from the quintessential classic, ‘the Nutcracker’, to the cutting edge movement of contemporary ballet. Throughout this choreographic tapestry are woven the ballets of Executive Artistic Director Kim Tuttle and Resident Choreographer Judy Skinner whose distinctive artistic styles brand the company.  Entertaining and insightful, provocative and joyous, Dance Alive National Ballet is a company for the ages.

DANB prides itself on being efficient, friendly, and cooperative with cost-effective technical needs.

DANB has toured the Continental United States, Russia, Brazil and Costa Rica and is represented by Siegel Artist Management.

“ admire the exquisite combination of techniques….the tradition of the Bolshoi, the spirit of jazz and the sensuality of modern dance in a first class spectacle.”          La Nacion, Costa Rica



A 2 hour  program  including several short ballets
Dance Alive National Ballet presents full-length programs which include ballets selected from the repertory. DANB prides itself on a program for their sponsor that presents the best in classical and contemporary ballet, and is willing to cooperate in selecting appropriate material for the targeted audiences.
Tour availability: October through March. 


A brilliant evening of outstanding classical and contemporary ballet. Bravura technique, expressive movement, the dancers are the stars of the show. Leaves audiences on their feet. Suitable for all ages.


On a dreamy midsummer night’s eve, the worlds of faeiries, humans, dukes and donkeys all collide under the magic spell of cupid’s arrow. We see how true love never runs smooth, as the mischievous puck proclaims, ‘Lord what fools these mortals be!” Shakespeare’s immortal  A Midsummer Night’s Eve  proves that falling in love is the ultimate gift.


A fun-filled ballet true to the fable, the ballet is exciting, entertaining, comic, bold and filled with exciting sword fights. Sets, costumes and backdrops are exceptional. Family friendly. Offered as a school show or evening length ballet.


A romantic-comedy ballet, L’Amour features a comic everyman who envies lovers strolling in the moonlight, pretends to belong at a masquerade ball, and finally finds his place in a Parisian café. Filled with light-hearted moments and poignant touches, a wonderfully entertaining ballet. Full –length ballet.



Dance Alive National Ballet tours the full-length Holiday Ballet, ‘The Nutcracker’ and an hour-long version for school shows.  Excellent  educational materials.
Tour availability: November and December
There are two methods of presenting ‘The Nutcracker’:
1.  DANB presents the entire production with children from the Official School in the children’s Act I roles. Adult roles are danced by the Company.
2.  DANB presents the entire production with the children’s Act I roles set on your community dance students. Adult roles are danced by the company.
The ‘Community Nutcracker’ is a highly successful production for your community.  Audience attendance is boosted by the inclusion of community students.

It requires the following:

1.  An audition by Artistic Director Kim Tuttle

2.  A contributed rehearsal space

3.  A committed community dance coordinator who will rehearse the children during the time period between the audition and the performance(s).

4.  A community costume coordinator who will organize costumes.

DANB will provide costumes for all children’s parts except for the party children dresses, basic leotards, tights and shoes which must be provided by the Sponsor or parents of the children. (To be determined by the sponsor.)
The company costume hand-out should  occur the day before the performance.
The Dress Rehearsal with Company dancers will be either the day before or the day of the performance, depending on theatre availability.
DANB will provide information for the audition and be available throughout the process for questions.
DANB provides all sets, props and adult costumes.
For complete information on the Community Nutcracker,  go to and click on Tour, Nut Community Rider.  



An ideal school show for all ages. Set in a rainforest, Lady Bug saves her forest friends, proving that ‘a hero may be small size, but is always big of heart’. A children’s classic. 50 minutes.
Tour availability October through March. 



On a dreamy midsummer night’s eve, the worlds of faeiries, humans, dukes aid’s and donkeys all collide under the magic spell of Cupid’s arrow.  This enchanting ballet is available as an ideal school show.  See above.
For school curriculum materials, go to and click on Education & Outreach.



The all-time favorite Holiday ballet is available as an ideal school show.  See above.
For school curriculum materials, go to and click on Education & Outreach.

For more information regarding repertory please contact Executive Artistic Director Kim Tuttle at:  or (352) 359-2007 (cell)



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