Capital Campaign

Dance Alive National Ballet is proud to announce a five year CAPITAL CAMPAIGN, beginning        June 1, 2019. Our 5 year goal is $1 million.

The Campaign was created to ensure the continuity of the company through a transition time that will see the eventual retirement of its long-time directors, Kim Tuttle and Judy Skinner. These two women, who have devoted their lives to this organization for 55 years, are excited to see the next manifestation of Dance Alive National Ballet.  

The Company has been working out of Pofahl Studios, a for profit dance studio owned by Judy and Kim pro bono.  As the Company grows in size and international recognition, it needs a new home to accommodate this growth.

The funds from our Capital Campaign will have a two fold use:

  1. To create a permanent home for the Company, with fully staffed administrative and artistic personnel. Plans include multiple dance spaces serving both East and West Gainesville, expanded outreach programs and increased events and performances. This will result in added visibility for the city, valuable opportunities for the students of the city, and will promote the beautiful culture of art that attracts new citizens to the area.
  1. For general program support throughout the transition.

We need you for this to happen. You are our supporters, our fans. You believe that ballet is an art form that enriches and strengthens our community and gives hope, beauty and grace to our lives. You recognize the economic value that the arts bring to the community. You recognize how the arts enhance our ability to learn, and create an environment of excellence in education. Communities are defined by their support of the arts. 

Join us in this quest.