SCHOOL SHOW Curriculum


“A Children’s Classic!”

This is the delightful story of a brave little lady bug who is “small in size, but big of heart”, and her mighty efforts to save her forest friends. Set in a rain forest, it includes Lady Bug’s best friends: the happy hopping frog, a beautiful blonde butterfly named Betsy, and the wise old mister turtle.  A marvelous message for children and a perfect first ballet. Appropriate for all ages 3 and up.


“Zing went the string!”

On a dreamy midsummer night’s eve, the worlds of fairies, humans, dukes and donkeys all collide under the magic spell of cupid’s arrow. We see how true love never runs smooth, as the mischievous Puck proclaims, “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” A bright and beautiful ballet in the classical style set to Shakespeare’s immortal  ‘A Midsummer Night’s Eve’ .Appropriate for all ages


“The all-time family favorite”

Celebrate the Holiday Season with The Nutcracker.  The all-time family favorite with beautiful dancing, sets and costumes. Sheer magic! It’s just not the holidays without the Nutcracker!        


 ‘Bold and exciting”

In England in the days of yore there lived a bold and noble young man named Robin Hood.  This is the story of Robin, his faithful followers, and his true love, the Lady Marian. A humorous and exciting ballet for all ages with terrific sword fights and athleticism


SEA TO SKY is a virtual presentation.  The curriculum was developed for presentation with a strong science focus.

Oceana (SEA) addresses issues of ocean pollution and its impact on our environment, particularly as it impacts our state. Resources are available for teacher and student use – presenting problems and possible solutions.

Constellations (SKY) looks at outer space – looking at our history of space exploration including SpaceX, NASA and impact on our state.  The potential for curriculum and student exploration are limitless. For middle and high school students.