‘Educate, Entertain, Inspire’

Dance Alive National Ballet’s Educational Outreach Program brings dance to the community through experience and education in a fun and uplifting way, providing dance instruction in selected venues.

The Five Positions, an instructional outreach program
   – First position:  DANB’s Pre-school program
   – Second position: Partnership with underserved community schools
   – Third position: Adult outreach
   – Fourth position: Arts in medicine program
   – Fifth position: Scholarship program.

Emily Pozek, Outreach Director of Dance

Dance Alive National Ballet’s all inclusive outreach program. This program brings dance to the community through experience and education in a fun and uplifting way. Emily is a proud alumni of the University of Florida holding a BFA in dance.  Continuing her education at University of Florida she was the first graduate to earn a masters in  Arts in Medicine. For over five years Emily was the Dancer in Residence for UF Center for Arts In Medicine as the lead instructor for their Parkinson’s dance program.  Additionally Emily taught as an adjunct dance professor in the University of Florida School of Theatre and Dance. In Virginia she served as outreach manager for Charlottesville Ballet overseeing multiple community programs including Chance To Dance which provided over 250 elementary students free weekly dance classes. Emily has had the privilege to travel nationally and internationally as a dance educator. Her passion lies in bringing dance beyond the studio and into the community positivity impacting peoples lives.  

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