Equity Donations

Dance Alive has enabled a new donor support opportunity by creating a Schwab corporate investment account. This account will allow supporters of Dance Alive to donate ( through gift transfers) what are often referred to as “Orphan stocks”. Orphan stocks are those which are suitable for donation due to either their age, relative performance or simply represent a mismatch in the donor’s portfolio investment strategy.  In addition to Orphan stocks, any gift transfers of other equities, whether stocks, bonds or mutual funds can also be transferred in this manner.  These transfers to our Schwab account can be made through any type of investment account held by the donor.  Although any prospective donor should contact their tax advisor for their individualized tax consequences, typically the then existing market value of the stock or other equities gifted  is fully deductible as against the donor’s reportable income (with no capital gain taxes applicable ) for the tax year in which the donation occurs. Upon any such donation, Dance Alive will provide you with the necessary charitable tax certifications. To support Dance Alive in this way, simply contact Kim Tuttle, [email protected] who will put you in contact with Dance Alive’s corporate counsel. to coordinate the necessary steps. We would greatly appreciate any interest you might have in this program.

For more information, please contact Artistic Director Kim Tuttle at [email protected]